Thursday, July 08, 2004

More notes on the negative scanning project

Google Groups: View Thread "Image management solution for a medium sized persona..." experts liked these tools for a negative scanning project:

Lupas Rename:
I've used it for just the purposes you describe, flawlessly.

IMatch at
Thumbs+ at

I've also looked at Adobe Photoshop Album which is quite nice, but I fear it's compromised by Adobe's need to lock-in customers. Microsoft is supposed to have a very good image management product, but their lock-in needs are usually nefarious.

Since I'm burning the images to CD (burning twice, so I have redundant storage), I want something that will produce meaningful file names and write metadata to the JPEG EXIF headers. I need the EXIF date to reflect the date of image acquisition, with a staggered delay between each image (so rolls and images sort by date).

I want the file names to follow this sort of convention (probably need to use the renamer): YYYYMMDDDD_1_ROLLID_# where:

YYYYMMDDDD: is approximate date pictures were taken
1: is an roll number for >1 roll/date.
ROLLID: is an identifier for the roll of film if one is assigned by the scanner (may be null)
#: corresponds to negative number within a roll

The person doing the scanning will write a text note on each entry including roll description and comments. A copy of the entire log will be included in each CD.

Each CD will be labeled with a CD identifier of the form: YYYYMMDDDD_# where

YYYYMMDD: date burned
#: CD number burned that day

The text log will contain CD information as well as roll information, will be cumulative, and will be copied to each CD.

I have to do some playing around to get the workflow to be simple but efficient.

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