Monday, July 26, 2004

Photo sharing services (NYT)

The New York Times > Business > E-Commerce Report: Businesses Help Organize Photos

The article mentions a few services I've looked at, but it doesn't address key questions like storage limits, upload size restrictions, business models, printing services, print ordering, OS X support, workflow convenience, etc. In other words, it's not that useful an article .. EXCEPT it mentions which are popular now. These are the ones mentioned:

- CNET is buying Webshots, Webshots angle is sharing photos about places (travel, etc)
- Google has bought Picasa (which also distributed "Hello", a peer-to-peer file sharing app. See my prior posting on Picasa.
- Kodak's, District Photo's and are growing in popularity
- Yahoo is adding new features and may return to frontrunner status (displays ads with photos)
- Sharelot (displays ads with photos)

I've used Picasa/Hello, Flickr (very hot but he missed them), SmugMug, and Shutterfly. Of these only SmugMug let me upload full sized images for sharing and distribution -- they charge a yearly fee and have no ads. Google/Picasa/Hello is the real favorite since they seem to be able to provide tons of storage at low costs.

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