Sunday, September 19, 2004

iPhoto comment focus/type lag bug

Apple - Discussions - Type lag on comments - is this a common bug?

A problem with entering comments in iPhoto after typing a title.
I HAVE found where the cursor goes wrong. It goes to the image.

So if one follows this sequence:

1. Type title (need to type a full title to get the effect.)
2. Hit tab -> Highlights Date field
3. Hit tab -> Cursor in comment field -- BRIEFLY. Then vanishes.
4. Hit delete -> IMAGE disappears. (implies image has focus at that point)

or, instead of #4 do this:

4alt. Hit arrow key -> selected focus changes to NEXT photo.

So the image grabs focus from the comment field after one tabs from the date field into the comment field. Focus only rests briefly in the comment field.

Here's the question for iPhoto users who don't have this bug --

When you TAB out of the date field, where is your 'focus'?

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