Saturday, January 15, 2005

Biggest iPod usability issue: the alarm design

Apple - Discussions - Biggest usability issue: the alarm
I like using my iPod as an alarm clock (3G). This taught me the biggest usability issue for an iPod.

When you set the alarm, it stays on. So set it at 6am. Wake up. Turn off the iPod. Pack it. At 6am the next day, the iPod starts up. If one doesn't check it, the iPod gets bounced around all day with the disk spinning -- until it finally runs out of power. It doesn't matter whether the iPod is locked off, it will still power up.

Ok, so I'm an older demented gomer. Maybe everyone else remembers to turn off the device. Or, forgetting about the alarm, maybe they decide their iPod is broken (powering on by itself) and send it in for repairs.

Perhaps Apple should change the behavior so the alarm turns off after it activates.

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