Sunday, January 30, 2005

macosxhints - Pages 'First Look' preview and commentary

macosxhints - Pages 'First Look' preview online

Pages isn't ready. Neither, for that matter, is iLife '05.
...Pages truly has the ability to redefine what a word processor should be. Its seamless integration of page-layout and word processing features makes creating brochures, reports, flyers, and other well-designed documents a piece of cake. With literally no training, anyone can create professional looking output with a minimum of fuss.

Unfortunately, the lack of a page management system within Pages means that using the program is more frustrating and troublesome than it should be. In addition, the bugs in Find and Replace and PDF Export, along with the generally limited capabilities of the Export feature, make using Pages a bit frustrating. As good as all the other features are, these Version 1.0 bugs and missing features may make Pages unusable for many people. It’s a shame, too, because it’s a great program. Hopefully a version 1.1 update will address the general bugs and page management features.
The Mac OS X Hints comments affirm this MacWorld article, though some argue the Find/Replace behavior is a "unix" standard.

Apple pushed out too much stuff that wasn't ready to make their most recent marketing deadline. iPhoto 5 is not ready. Pages 1.0 is not ready. (I read that iPhoto 5 has a 25,000 image limit. Sigh. I hope Apple is working on a pro version.)

Not ready for use. I'll wait for Pages 2.0. Nisus Express is looking good by comparison.

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