Wednesday, May 04, 2005

How to report a bug to Apple - effectively

Macintouch - Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger (Part 7)

John Baltutis writes:

"For everyone who has a problem with Tiger or any of Apple's applications, let me offer the fastest and best way, IMHO (outside of being a beta-tester/developer), to get your concerns in front of Apple's fixers and doers.

Join Apple's ADC at (it's free and also provides you an opportunity, if you wish to exercise it, to download developmental software). Then use the bug reporter (which requires an ADC membership) to submit bug reports or enhancement requests.

Once these are documented (you get a unique number when you submit them), you can track their status, append additional information, and receive feedback from engineering. This allows you to establish a two-way dialog, albeit may not be timely, with your problem/concern/shortcoming/suggestion/etc. and those in power to fix or add them."

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