Saturday, May 28, 2005

iMac essential: a thermal monitoring program

Macintouch: iMac G5 (Part 9)
Scott Richardson

Anyone that is suspecting fan or thermal problems with a newer Macintosh should get hold of the free program called Temperature Monitor or, for more detailed sensor information, the $9 shareware Hardware Monitor by the same author, and
run it in record history mode. Hardware Monitor will give you very detailed sensor data, and a plot recording of exactly what is going on within your system - temperature sensors, fan speeds, current, and voltage readings, plus you will have hard copy proof to show Apple Support if there is a warranty issue with your machine, especially if it is highly intermittent thermal problem you are trying to record on paper (like a fan that quits, or a power supply that goes out of spec). Couple this sensor data with the Console Log time stamp, and you have a very detailed record of any intermittent problems. Without the sensor data, you are really in the dark.

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