Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Lookout for Outlook -- its time has passed

Lookout for Outlook has been the most valuable productivity tool I've used in years. Sadly, it was purchased by Microsoft. There was ongoing devleopment, but now it's been wrapped into MSN desktop. I don't know if MSN Desktop supports all of Lookout's functionality -- I rather doubt it. I'd also suspect there's no way to restrict MSN indexing to Outlook only. I'll keep using Lookout as long as possible. Not the first time a great tool has come and gone.

Lookout Discussion Forums - New version of Lookout ever?
As always, its great feedback like this that is really nice to hear and drives all of us to make our products better! Thanks to all of you for your support and helping make Lookout a great product; we're no geniuses - its only thanks to that feedback that so many people like the tool.

Now that the MSN product (http://desktop.msn.com/) is officially released, Lookout is not likely to have another release. The MSN product has outpaced Lookout, and that is where we're moving forward. Several of us from the MSN team do read these forums, and we take all feature requests to heart with the MSN product. (I hope it is noticed that the MSN product already has a number of features which originally were absent even from Lookout!)


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Unknown said...

I was very so down, when Lookout dissapeared, because it was such a great help! I don´t know why they took it off the market! Now I work with Lookeen and I have to say, this one is great! First I thought oh just another outlook search tool, which couldn´t get the same level as Lookout, but I was wrong, it can and that really convincing!If you don´t believe me, check it out: www.lookeen.net