Friday, July 08, 2005

Mac headphones for Skype and VOIP

Voice over IP (VoIP) - [Part 2]

A very good discussion! Logitech USB headphones ...

Update: I bought the SONY branded Logitech Play Station II headset Page Thomas recommended, it worked very well on my G3 iBook with Skype/Mac. Twenty bucks at Target, Walmart, etc.

After I configured the system audio preferences it worked well with my iBook, but with Skype/Mac there was no audio in. I opened the Skype audio prefs and the audio appeared the moment the dialog appeared. Minor Skype buglet.

The downside of this cheap and effective headset is the very long cord. It's designed for a PS2 user, who's far from the TV console. Not great for laptop use and especially not for travel. Skype is most useful to me for foreign travel, so I'm still looking for something better suited to travel.

What I want is a compact device that would plug into a USB port with a volume control, and standard mobile phone mini-jack (mute button would be nice). I'd carry the small box/cable combination and just use the earbud I use with my cell phone.

Logitech could cut the long cable/headphone off this device, insert the jack for the mobile phone headset, and have a real winner.

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