Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Vox: Video sharing with privacy controls

I was impressed and a bit surprised to find my mother's Win98 box could show a video I uploaded to Google Video in Firefox.

Better than expected. Problem is, Google Video has no privacy controls, so anyone can see our family videos. Nothing there that should interest any evil men, but it's a nasty world. I assume Google omits privacy controls because their business is about exposure/search, and also lack of privacy means really nasty stuff will be seen and they'll remove it.

Vox's claim to fame is privacy controls. These can be used for good (protect family) or evil. I'll take a look.

Update 10/11/06: They were closed when I first tried, but they're open now and I have a Vox blog. Vox is really all about access control and small communities. I'll be playing with it more.

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