Friday, February 29, 2008

Don't buy your iPhone yet

This is why I decided I wouldn't buy an iPhone until I saw exactly what the SDK would be:
iPhone/iPod SDK: Apple to approve, distribute apps, limit add-ons

...No accessory connectivity. Under current plans, SDK developers will be prevented from interfacing directly with Dock Connector-based accessories connected to the iPhone or iPod touch—a decision that we are told could cripple development of new accessories such as physical keyboards, traditional add-ons, and more ambitious, creative accessories such as Delphi’s iPhone car control prototype. One source described this limit as a guarantee that SDK-developed applications would be nearly as limited as current web-based ones, while consuming more of the device’s storage capacity. Yet integrated iPhone or iPod touch features such as the phone, Wi-Fi, and camera will be developer-accessible, certainly permitting development of programs that weren’t possible before. It is presently unclear whether Bluetooth 2.0, which is included in the iPhone but crippled to permit only monaural phone call streaming, will be opened to permit stereo audio streaming and data functionality as well.

Sources told iLounge that the collective impact of Apple’s decisions will be to control and stifle third-party development at a critical juncture in iPhone and iPod history, limiting what could be an open, thriving Mac-like collection of applications and accessories to a smaller, more stagnant iPod-like controlled environment. Consequently, a source suggests, developers who “jailbrake” iPhones and iPods to develop applications will be at an advantage relative to those who use Apple’s official tools...
No keyboard. No GPS. Nasty. All because Apple needs DRM control of movies, and has to block digital outflow by the port. I suspect they'll lockout Bluetooth for the same reason.

I want to see what it will be possible to sync across the dock. If sync is disabled I may decide to wait for the gPhone.

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