Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Image drag and drop doesn't work any more with FileMaker Pro

I think I used to drag and drop images from the Finder to FileMaker container field. The Help file says it works.

Except it doesn't.

This post is typical:
Nabble - Filemaker Pro - Talk - Drag and Drop to Container Fields: "I have Leopard and FMP 8.5. Is it my system or is it in general that one cannot drag and drop a jpg from the desktop into a container field? I know I can right click on the container field and insert a picture, but is there an easier way?"
I suspect this broke years ago.

Jeez. Sometimes I think I'm the last software user left on earth. Half the stuff I try is either broken or not usable.

Update 2/28/2008: It sort of works in Filemaker/Windows. Instead of displaying an image, however, it displays an icon that when clicked can show an image. So it might be something that worked in an earlier version of Filemaker but broke a version or two ago. I have read that FM's code base is in pretty bad shape -- despite their big Pascal to C migration of a few years back.

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