Monday, February 04, 2008

macintosh pims (personal information management software) a Google Groups (w/ feed)

A hundred years ago I ran a mailing list called PIM-L - about personal information management. It was surprisingly popular, but I didn't have time to keep it up.

I remembered that, when Ted Goranson (The ATPM Outliner guy), bemoaning the reluctance of users to pay for good software, referred to the macintosh pims Google Group (feeds).

I think Goranson is sort-of-wrong about the software price issue. The real cost is cost of ownership, and cost of ownership of software includes the cost of data loss (or imperfect conversion) related to atypical file formats. Of course most people don't realize this is the real cost, so my point is probably academic. Still, it's a very good reason NOT to buy cool software with neat features that's supposed to hold lots of personal and unique data of lasting value.

On the other hand, the email list is wonderfully obscure. There's are feeds of course, though Google's presentation of them is very confusing. I went with the Atom 1.0 message feed.

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