Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Google Profile now an OpenID URL

I’ve been using MyOpenID as an identity provider. I’ve been disappointed with their two factor authentication strategy, but I like their Persona support.

As of today, however, I’m supposed to be able to use my Google Profile, (note vanity ID), wherever OpenID is accepted …

Google Profiles Turn Into OpenIDs (Tech Crunch)

… Google has been attempting to unify its various account profiles into one Google Profile. And now it’s more useful. Google’s Brad Fitzpatrick has just tweeted out that Google Profiles can now be used as OpenIDs.

What this means is that you can sign into any site that accepts OpenID simply by using your Google Profile domain…

I just tried it with Slashdot, and my credentials were accepted. Slashdot also allowed me to bind my Google OpenID to my old Slashdot account.

I have appreciated MyOpenID, but it’s hard to beat the convenience of having my Google account as an OpenID provider. If only MyOpenID had listened to to my critique of their two factor authentication procedure …

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