Tuesday, November 17, 2009

LEGO Digital Designer is pure evil on OS X

I downloaded LEGO Digital Designer : Virtual Building Software for my Lego-crazed 10 yo. It's going to be hard to tell him it doesn't work on OS X.

I got it working on one account, but on another it says there's no internet access (cannot access internet) -- then it hangs. I have to kill it.

It looks and smells like a cheap hacked port from Windows, probably outsourced to the lowest bidder.

I'm one seriously annoyed customer. Maybe it's time to try to interest Ben in the non-Lego world. Lego doesn't really need our money this holiday season.

Update: It's incompatible with parental controls. If controls are enabled in any way, even if all web access is allowed, it doesn't work. I wonder if it uses some chat protocol to communicate with the server; I know enabling parental controls blocks jabber/google talk protocols in 10.5 (bug).

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Unknown said...

I've encountered the same mess, and I can't seem to work around it by doing anything other than disabling parental controls...which is not an option.