Sunday, November 15, 2009

Microsoft Access 2007 – RIP

I’ve seen software die.

First the code gets crufty. Features pile on, but half of ‘em don’t work right. Old features might or might not work. There are security holes.

Then a bright new team gets the gig. Old code is hacked out, new ideas are grafted onto old models. Usually you end up with a cacophonous concatenation.

That’s how Access 2007 smells. I know the team tried hard, but it’s a train wreck.

It’s not just a few bugs, or one or two missing features, or a limited design flop. It’s all of the above and more. As a power tool for hacking relational data it’s following the FrontPage path to oblivion.

Yeah, I’ve written before about how bad Access 2007 is. Even so, I think I was in denial. It took trying to complete a significant data manipulation project to make me face facts.

Microsoft isn’t going to fix Access. They want to sell the latest iteration of SQL Server and their Sharepoint services – Access is a costly distraction that happens to work pretty well with the Great Satan (Oracle).

There will be another release or two, then it will follow the path of FrontPage - which was once part of the Office Suite.

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