Thursday, February 25, 2010

Facebook Lite blank page - no fix

Today is my day for tech roadblocks.

I can't figure out how to get Outlook 2007 notes to be exported as text files for use with notational velocity/simplenote, and I can't fix my mother's blank page.

I'd set my mother's FB account to always start "lite". It's a cleaner, simpler, faster UI. Unfortunately, it doesn't get a lot of FB love. There's a bug where the page loads empty. There's no way to convince FB to ignore the default "always lite" settings.

I found a hack that will get me to account settings - use this URL: "".

I didn't have to actually enter my password with this hack, but it did bring me to normal settings. From there I can see her Profile view. Unfortunately, standard settings don't include the facebook lite control -- that's only available from

I was able to fight my way to a report form, but I don't hold out much hope. I'll try from XP at work and see if things are any better.

Once I do get into her account I'll turn off the "always lite" setting. That's clearly a bad idea!

See also: disable-facebook-lite-switch-to-normal-facebook

Update 2/26/2010: The next day, from work using IE 8, I was able to get a non-blank page. I then switched her to regular facebook. A DNS issue? I use GoogleDNS and/or OpenDNS at home.
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