Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Weird 1Password related bug with account migration

I've used 1Password for a while, but I've always been uneasy about the hacks used to get access to browsers. As best I can tell 1Password has stopped using evil input managers, but it has had a shady past.

So when I switched to a transiently flickering 27" i5 iMac I didn't install 1Password right away. I figured I'd get around to it, but I forgot (I mostly use it on my iPhone).

Recently I was having odd lockups with 10.6, so I uninstalled CrashPlan because of some suspicious behaviors. The problem persisted, so I checked my It was full of messages about missing bundle bits with 1Password. All I can guess is that bits of 1Password migrated when I used Migration Assistant to move my old account (but no apps).

I downloaded and installed 1Password 3 (Snow Leopard compliant) and the Console messages are gone.


Now we'll see if my lockup problems resolve ...
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