Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another iCloud sync issue - Google Calendar side effects ...

Three lessons from this recent Google/iCal/iCloud synchronization problem

Google Calendar Known Issues - Google Calendar Help

... Setting up iCloud sync caused events to be unexpectedly wiped from Google Calendar for some of our users who were syncing information between iCal and Google Calendar. This unwanted deletion took place between 10/11 and 10/14. We have since restored deleted events and invitees. Please note we’re only able to restore invitees who are Google Calendar users; guests who are non-Google Calendar users (i.e. Outlook users, Yahoo! users) could not be recovered and will need to be re-invited manually. In response to the above issue, we have stopped deleting events if the delete request comes from iCal. Until further notice, deleting any event in iCal on Mac OS will not remove this event from Google Calendar, but all other requests like creating events or changing existing events will be synced properly...

Synchronization is H... Ok. You knew that.

iCloud has bugs. Ok, you knew that.

Google 2.0 doesn't give a s*. That's different.

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