Monday, July 14, 2008

Epocrates Rx is out for the iPhone (and iTouch)

Epocrates Rx is available for the iPhone.

Not the web version -- the true iPhone client.

Free medical PDA software: Epocrates Rx for iPhone / iPod touch:
  • Apple iPhone/iPod touch with OS 2.0
  • Minimum available memory 8 MB
  • 20K per free health plan formulary selected
This is only for healthcare professionals -- Epocrates makes its money based on prescriber licensees.

It's a big deal for physicians, my wife couldn't switch from her Palm to her Blackberry Pearl until Epocrates was available for the Pearl. My friend Andrew keeps his Palm for the same reason.

The iPhone is going to be really big in healthcare; this is one important landmark. As soon as the line dies down and I can get my phone, I'll give it a try. It's distributed by the Apple Store (free), but you need an Epocrates account to use it.

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