Saturday, July 12, 2008

Using Blogger: Camino in place of Firefox 3

Things were going too well with Blogger. It had been months since a real disaster. Heck, I was even using Blogger in Draft (!

Then, after installing Firefox 3, the wellness resolved ...
Gordon's Tech: Blogger a mess with Firefox 3

... Every other post I've written over the past 3-5 days has had problems with lost line breaks. All my text runs together. It's as though Blogger had broken their age-old management of paragraph breaks. I've tried Safari 3, Firefox 3, ScribeFire, XP, OSX, Blogger-standard and Blogger-in-Draft...
I'm not sure what's going wrong, but on various posts Blogger will abruptly treat the text as though it were true HTML -- instead of treating paragraph breaks as though they included a paragraph tag.

I think the trick is having edited it at one point with Firefox 3 and the Blogger in Draft editor. I think there's some style sheet persistence that's not exposed to the HTML editor. Subsequent editing with FF 3, even when Blogger in Draft is disabled, can trigger the problem.

Once a post gets into this mode, there's no escaping it -- turning off Blogger in Draft or using the HTML editor doesn't fix things.

I've found I can fix the post using either the superb Windows Live Writer (XP only) or Safari 3.

I've disabled the beta/draft version of blogger and returned to regular Blogger. On XP I can avoid this by simply using WLW. On OS X though I don't want to revert to FF 2. Safari 3 doesn't work very well with regular Blogger. So how can I get FF 2 type behavior on OS X?

Easy, use Camino. Works great.

I'll take another look at things in a couple of weeks, but until then I'll stay with Camino for my OS X blogging.

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