Friday, July 04, 2008

How to know it's time to stop reading a blog

"Mobile Opportunity" has been an occasionally fun read for a veteran of the Palm wars, but every so often it says something like this:
Mobile Opportunity: Symbian changes everything, and nothing

...Here's the weird thought for the day: Microsoft is the last major company charging money for a mobile operating system...
You might think he was excluding the iPhone OS because it's derived from a desktop OS, or you might think he excluded OS X because it's bound to hardware, but I've been reading MO for a bit. He really has no interest in the iPhone as a mobile platform.

That's just too odd.

On the other hand his link to the Register's Psion retrospective is party redeeming. The story reminds me of the sad tale of PenPoint -- I keep that book next to my OS/2 architecture book.

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