Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beejive - IM for iPhone as an SMS replacement

Now that iPhone OS 3 has notifications, I'd like to try to use Beejive as an SMS alternative.

Problem is, the default behavior of Beejive is to disconnect from the Beejive server a minutes to hours after use. When that happens, there are no more iPhone notifications.

If you want Beejive to behave more like SMS it looks like you need to set a very long Session Timeout. As long as you use Beejive once within that time it keeps your session running. I chose 7 days for Emily and I (but really we want "forever").

At least that's how I think it works, because as of today Beejive's online directions are for OS 3 and an earlier Beejive release.

This is not a good sign. Did the entire company (3 people?) implode?

I've written asking them for an explanation of the obsolete documentation.

Update 10/5/09: No response to my email. I discovered this am I was logged out -- but I shouldn't have been.

Update 12/4/09: More instances of being logged out, or Google thinking I'm offline when I'm supposed to be connected. The iPhone notification/IM infrastructure seems too fragile and demanding for this type of use.


Slowkid Productions said...

Any additional thoughts or updates from Beejive. I'm considering cancelling my SMS plan and using Beejive in lieu.

JGF said...

No, they never responded. I've been using it for a while and it mostly works -- occasionally I get logged out when I shouldn't.

SMS is more reliable and faster, but Beejive IM is free and it works with my desktop Google Talk app. On balance it's been good and it is likely to improve.