Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Blogger's new editor -- incredibly, it still sucks

Blogger has taken their fancy rich text editor out of beta. I'm using it now.

Try this
  1. In Settings choose the new editor
  2. Open an article written and posted using the old editor.
Yeah, that's right, the paragraph breaks are gone. Everything runs together. Heaven help you if you try to edit, depending on your browser/OS combination the results are going to be a mess of missing and doubled line line feeds.

Google is a frustrating mixture of brilliant innovation and flat out incompetence.

I blame it on Marissa Mayer's peculiar hiring practices. Great software needs a genius or two, but it also needs regular smart people who are driven to get things done right. Google has lots of the former, but way too few of the latter.

Update 9/4/09: Note that if you open some posts, the paragraph spacing may seem fine. Try editing and saving them. It will look fine at first, but the output will have no paragraph breaks. This is just so wrong.

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