Friday, September 04, 2009

Macintouch: impressive set of Snow Leopard reviews

IMacintouch reviews more closely resemble my own experience than most other reviews.

Today they've got quite a bit of coverage online, and a plug to buy Snow Leopard through their Amazon affiliate link. Note their very useful compatibility lists (see also)! ...
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... Our Snow Leopard Review - all 11,000+ words of it - is now available for your reading pleasure. We cover planning, migration and installation; the new Finder and QuickTime X; additional features and refinements; security and technology (which we published earlier in standalone form); and our conclusions, plus links for additional information...

We also have an updated Snow Leopard FAQ today, covering a variety of issues from AppleTalk printers to 64-bit operations to QuickTime.

Our latest Snow Leopard compatibility reports include notes about printers, Nisus, Cornerstone (a Subversion client), QuickTime websites, AIM, Tivo, astronomy applications, music software, PTH Pasteboard, Garmin, Adobe PDF Printer, 4Sight Fax, Quickbooks, SATA, the GPGMail plug-in, SnapScan, FileMaker and much, much more. [See also our Snow Leopard Compatibility List.]

Other Snow Leopard reader reports notes touch on a Server evaluation program, Up-to-Date program installs, Java, Finder/user interface issues, Flash and permissions repair, Mail problems, Time Machine vs. open files, 64-bit details, haxies, DFS, Samba, Bluetooth, installation experiences, "cu" and locationd, among many other things.

(Note: if you're buying Snow Leopard, we do appreciate purchases through our Amazon Snow Leopard links, because these help us cover the costs of running this free website, at no expense to you, while you simultaneously benefit from Amazon's discount prices.)

I'm a skeptic, but I am getting the impression that 10.6.0 is far less buggy than 10.5.0. Note 10.5.1 is expected within the next 2-3 weeks.

Update: Looks like there are serious issues with FileMaker 10:
... FileMaker Pro 10 has issues such as .fp7 not opening (not such a big deal, open FMP10 first then open the file) but export to Excel doesn't work, and that's more significant as there is no work-around. No update available yet...
I'm still on FileMaker 8, so it wouldn't be surprising if the update breaks that release. Replacing FM would make 10.6 very expensive for me. On the other hand another reader reported FM 5 was working!

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