Thursday, September 03, 2009

Snow Leopard: Check support for your printer, scanner and multifunction device

It took me a bit of searching to find thisApple kb article:
Mac OS X v10.6: Printer and scanner software
... Brother MFC-7820N CUPS 1.40 P S F...
So it appears that my four year old workhorse multifunction network printer/scanner/fax machine is still somewhat supported. Note the CUPS drivers won't include Brother's ugly Control Center utility, so the push button "scan to machine" function probably won't work.I can live without that however.

I'm skeptical though. The same list shows the HP 1012 as "CUPS" supported -- and that printer did NOT work with 10.5 (the CUPS drivers exist but don't work).

I'll feel better when either Brother's 7820 site says something about 10.6 drivers, or I find real world reports of success. There's some room for optimism since Brother delivered a (documentation free) firmware update for this device as recently as last month.

Four years is an impressive support lifetime for a modern consumer device. It's one of the reason I buy Brother devices rather than from Canon (horrible device drivers) or HP (horrible drivers, lousy support).

So for now I'll hold off on my new iMac purchase until I get some clarity on support for the 7820N. I don't want to repeat my experience with the 10.5 and the HP 1012.

Update: I found some mixed user reports, but overall not bad. Supposedly scan center still works?!


Anonymous said...

Reconsider HP. I had a Brother multifunction 9700. Now I have an HP wireless multifunction. the drivers work great. I can scan and print wirelessly without a single issue. The icons are gorgeous, too.

Anonymous said...

For my 7840w, Brother Printer Center does not work at all -- the icon is still in the menu bar, but clicking on it does nothing.

I have to initiate all scans from the printer, and cannot change the default scan settings.