Saturday, October 09, 2004

Disk Imaging for Mac OS X and putting CDs on an iPod

AFP548 - Disk Imaging for Mac OS X Made Easy

This is a rather technical article on an esoteric topic; but it puts a lot of useful information together.

In a much simpler vein, it finally occurred to me that I could put images of the chilrden's CDs on my iPod. Using Disk Utility I easily turned 6 children's games CD into images stored on my iPod. Creating as CDR, compressed or read/write image all worked, but compressed took a long time to open. One or two occasions I had to "dismount" the CD (not eject) using Disk Utility in order to isolate "Session One". I think used the create New Image menu to specify "Session One" as the source.

This is all legal -- they are four our use. We still have the CDs, but it's much more convenient to run off my iPod rather than hunt down the vulnerable CDs. Faster too.

I suspect I can do something similar on my PC, but I don't know how! Disk Images are a natural part of OS X.

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