Saturday, October 16, 2004

iBook rubber / plastic foot replacement

Apple - Discussions - Lost a rubber foot
Some f/u on the feet, and a bit of a sad (sniff) story.

Zachary sent me a foot (for free!). I tried to attach it, and it was obvious there's no way it was going to fit (read on!). I figured he'd sent me a foot for a 14' G3 iBook or a G4 iBook. I saved it to give away to someone else

So, regretfully, I searched around the web. I could see this site had the same 'non-fitting' feet. So I looked further and found this site:

They offered the feet for $5 EACH plus $7 (minimal) shipping. (Versus $5 for a packet of 6). But since they were G3 12' iBook feet I ordered them. Ordered 3 in fact, since that made the postage more tolerable. One as a spare, one to give away.

They caame, and they were are exactly what Zachary had sent me. Rubberish on top, platic on the bottom. Obviously won't fit.

As I puzzled and stared at my iBook, a dim bulb went off deep in my cranium. I realized that what appeared to be a foot receptacle was, in fact, the plastic collar that remains when a foot is snapped off.

I unscrewed the receptacle and popped off the plastic remnant, then screwed the foot fitting back into the iBook. Now the foot snapped in with the greatest of ease.

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