Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Make Acrobat Reader 6 Load MUCH faster

Sanjay's Coding Tips :: Make Acrobat Reader 6 load faster
My Acrobat 5 Reader installation started acting up again and I was dreading the move to ver6 especially after all the troubles I had from installing it the last time around. However, Darrell Norton came to the rescue with a great little trick to make Acrobat 6 load as fast as the old ver5:

It is all the plug-ins that are enabled by default slowing Acrobat reader down.

1. Go to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 6.0\Reader
2. Create a new folder called Optional (if it doesn't already exist).
3. Move all files from the plug_ins folder to the Optional folder.
4. You're done.

The trick works great and changed my Acrobat startup time from 15-25 secs to about 2 secs and I don't really think I'm missing any real essential functionality.

I tried this with Adobe Acrobat (full version, not reader). Load time was instantaneous, but the Plug-Ins don't work (Optional didn't do the trick). I'll add them back in as needed.

I wonder if this would work with other Adobe products -- like Photoshop Elements?!

I wonder if this works for Adobe Photoshop too?!

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