Saturday, January 14, 2006

iPhoto Library Manager cannot merge iPhoto 6 Libraries

I don't know if the hacks I've written about will work with iPhoto 6, but IPLM won't:
iPhoto Library Manager: Manage multiple iPhoto libraries in Mac OS X

iPhoto 6 update (1/14/06): Apple released an update to iLife at Macworld last week, including iPhoto version 6. iPhoto Library Manager 3.1 and earlier are partially compatible with iPhoto 6. You can still use iPhoto Library Manager to create new libraries and switch between them, but the album copying, merging, and importing features are not currently functional. An update for iPhoto Library Manager will be forthcoming in the next couple of weeks to provide full compatibility with iPhoto 6.
If IPLM can't be made to support iPhoto 6, then anyone upgrading will lose the limited ability to consolidate iPhoto libraries that we have now.

I do seem to be alone in my concern about this however. My guess is that people who would feel as I do generally use Photoshop/Bridge or Aperture. I think I'm the wrong customer for iPhoto. (Not the first time!).

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