Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Looking for a BetterHTMLExport replacement

For years I used BetterHTMLExport to produce iPhoto web sites (iPhoto's default web export is pretty crummy). Alas, BHE has been sold and I didn't get a good feeling about its new home. I'd have to pay to upgrade to the iPhoto 5 compatible version anyway, so I went looking -- and found

It's free (why?) and gets great ratings. Easy to use and install, and, unlike BHE, easy to uninstall. It doesn't mess with iPhoto. I dropped 339 images on it from iPhoto and it generated a nice set of pages using the default template. Alas, Galerie only works with metadata embedded in the image. It can't use the titles and comments from iPhoto.

So Galerie is pretty nice (though I wish it were not free), but I'm still looking.

Update 5/25/06: Galerie now uses titles and comments, so it's the perfect replacement.


Su said...

Maybe you can help me. I want my photos to be in a particular order - iPhoto export and Betterhtml export are a little off the order I have the photos in the iphoto album I made.

At your suggestion I downloaded Galerie. It is really nice but I can't figure out how to order the thumbnails.

I want 5 columns and ten rows in a particular order.

This used to work in iPhoto and BetterHTML.

JGF said...

I've had similar issues with ordering. I created a new album in iPhoto and copied the images over and reordered them. Then I deleted the old album. In my case the problem was a longstanding iPhoto bug.