Thursday, January 26, 2006

iPhoto Library Manager: merging iPhoto 6 Libraries

This appears to be the ONLY way to combine multiple iPhoto Libraries. (Example: import work done on a traveling laptop with the main library on server.) Review will follow below as an update to this post.
Apple - Support - Discussions - Does this Library Merge technique work ...

iPhoto Library Manager was updated this am. It now supports merging libraries with iPhoto 6:

The Library switching functionality is free, the merging functionality is a very reasonable fee. I have not tested it but will be doing so shortly. Since we've established that merge techniques that worked with iPhoto 5 don't work with iPhoto 6, this is the only known way to combine, integrate, merge, import etc. iPhoto Libraries. It's amazing that Apple doesn't support this themselves, I can only guess that they want to reserve that functioanality for Aperture.

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